1. Hayyyyy

  2. in celebration of Roe v. Wade I’m showing my boobs because the best part of being pro-choice is having options!

    it’s my right to choose!


  8. Anonymous said: Am I also able to post... Erm... Below the belt shots? aha

    Yes! You can post any sort of disrobed picture of yourself that you please!


  9. Shout out to Swords of UCF!

    Swords of UCF has a self explanatory theme similar to ours. Time to show off your swords gentlemen! 


  10. Anonymous said: is there going to be a different page for guys or what? The name is kinda one-sided eh?

    If someone wants to create a new page for guys, they can go for it. That’s what the other universities did and it seemed to work well for them. For now, we are fine with anyone submitting to our page, regardless of them name.

  11. The TKE chapter at UCF got some rush boobs


  12. Anonymous Posting

    Just wanted to clear up the air and provide a definitive answer to the questionable anonymity of posts here. If you are logged in when submitting a photo, I get a message saying someone submitted a photo. As soon as I publish the photo, the information disappears, never for me to see again. The only other option, which I don’t personally condone, is to use the submission box while NOT logged into Tumblr, and provide a false email address. Seriously, it can tits@dick.com, it’ll work.

    If you still have your doubts, check out #3 on Tumblr’s Terms of Submission page that you have to accept before posting anything on Tumblr. 


  14. Anonymous said: This isn't completely anonymous... When your posts appear on my dashboard, I can still click on "soandso submitted this to boobsoucf." Just saying..

    The user was signed into to tumblr- if you aren’t signed in it wont display a name. Uploaders’ choice.

  15. get that spring break bod